Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thank You, Random Stranger



What I'm wearing: Forever 21 sweatshirt, Gap tee, Old Navy skinny jeans, Old Navy boots, Macy's necklace (previously seen here)

First, I just wanted to thank everyone who commented or emailed about last night's post. Any advice is welcome, so keep the ideas coming! As for today's outfit, I have a random stranger to thank for the inspiration. A girl came into my work today wearing these boots, which inspired me to dig mine out from my closet. Seeing as how it's almost May and should be warm out, I had pushed these to the back, thinking I wouldn't be wearing them again until Fall. But Ohio weather never cooperates (I had to wear my winter coat today!), so I was able to build a whole outfit around them. I added my blue chain necklace as a final touch, and I like how it gave a little something extra to an otherwise very casual outfit.



I love stripes! I would wear it every day:))

Lynzy said...

Such a great laid back outfit for a day on the town shopping and running errands! :)
xo Lynzy