Sunday, March 6, 2011

Short on Words


What I'm wearing: Anthropologie top, Forever 21 leather jacket, Gap Always Skinny jeans, Target ankle booties

The birthday boy and I

This is what happens when Alex gets behind the camera and tells me to "whip my hair back and forth"

I'm a little short on words today. Last night I celebrated two friends' birthdays, and it was a lot of fun but boy am I tired now. Tomorrow starts week 10 of winter quarter which means finals are looming in the near future. It's time to hit the books!


dotty said...

the combination of a flowy top and a fitted jacket is superb here! what a great outfit to celebrate birthdays in!

Colleen said...

I am watching a recorded Undercover Boss ... the mayor of Cincinnati. Isn't there where you are from?

Ashley said...

HAHA! "Whip your hair back and forth"! So cute!!

I love that top, and your cute jacket!!!

Good luck with your upcoming finals!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE this outfit!