Friday, March 11, 2011

Hamburglar Chic


What I'm wearing: H&M sweater dress, H&M striped blazer, Target tights, Ciao Bella boots via DSW, Forever 21 earrings, Thrifted necklace ($2!), Forever 21 belt

It's official...I made it through my last week of winter quarter classes! This is what I wore for our end of the quarter banquet for my honors fraternity. It was "business-casual" which for us basically means anything but jeans. I hadn't worn this blazer in forever so I made sure to work it into my outfit. My roommate Alex told me it was very "hamburglar chic" haha. I really like how it turned out with the dress and gold accents. I can't wait until it gets just a little warmer so I can start doing outdoor pictures again; these indoor ones are so grainy and crappy quality. Okay, well I'm off to spend a relaxing evening with the boyfriend and then the rest of my weekend buried under a stack of schoolbooks. I'll be back again on Wednesday once all of my finals are over!


Kellie said...

lol at Hamburglar your outfit! Congrats on completing your classes :)

Erin Girard said...

Love your take on business casual! And, I'm pretty Sydney from The Daybook ( has that same blazer - you're in good company!

GoodFrameofMind said...

I love that blazer. Adorable!