Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Rare Treat


What I'm wearing: J.Crew outlet button-down, Gap Always Skinny jeans, Payless heels (2008), Forever 21 necklace and earrings

I'm always saying that I wish I wore heels more often. Unfortunately, as a student who lives on a very large campus and doesn't have a car (meaning I have to walk everywhere), heels just aren't very practical for my current lifestyle. So when my parents decided we were going out to dinner last night (which involved very minimal walking), I jumped at the chance to pull out an old pair of heels. It always feels like a rare treat when I get to wear heels; no matter what, they always make me feel just a little bit prettier than I did before. I had worn this outfit earlier in the day for lunch and shopping at the outlet malls with the boyfriend, so adding heels and a pretty necklace was the perfect way to kick it up a notch for dinner.



1 comment:

Meredith said...

Totally, I only really get a chance to wear heels on Sunday and its not enough! You look great:)