Friday, June 24, 2011

NYC Adventure #2: Project Runway

This morning I was able to experience my second NYC adventure of the summer, and let me tell you--this one was a REAL adventure,way cooler than eating cupcakes in the park. This morning my friends and I got up at the crack of dawn to head to Battery Park City to see the first ever public runway show for Project Runway! I heard about it through Twitter, and thanks to finding out at the last minute that I was off work today (thank you summer Fridays in the fashion industry!), I was able to go! We freaked out a little that it would be cancelled when it started to rain at the scheduled start time, but they delayed it about an hour and the show went on! It was frustrating not having a camera to document the whole experience, but thankfully my friend Natalie snapped quite a few for us...

The judges! Kim Kardashian was the guest judge!

The judges getting down to business

My favorite look that went down the runway. And yes, the models are on stilts! Crazy!



The final walk

There were more looks, but I don't want to bombard you with you can tune in on July 28th for the season 8 premiere! I used to watch the show religiously, but stopped watching as frequently when I went to college and didn't have as much time for television. But I think I'm going to watch this season for sure...and who knows, you just might see me in the background!

*Also, keep your eye out for an outfit post coming Sunday of what I wore to the show!


Beth said...

So very cool that you were able to see the show live!! I'm so happy you are having "adventures" in NYC. Love you girl. Have a great weekend.

Anne said...

That is so great! When I was last in NYC I had to visit Mood so I could say "I was there" every time they go there on the show... But how awesome is seeing the actual runway show?!

Also, I'm very pleased to know a new season is starting soon :)