Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's getting hot, hot, hot



What I'm wearing: H&M blouse, J.Crew outlet striped skirt, J.Crew flats, Urban Outfitters earrings, NY&Co. bangles, Tiffany's bracelet

It's a good thing I wore this light blouse and airy skirt yesterday, because it was HOT. We had a heat advisory here in NYC, and temps were in the high 90s. On any given day at work, I run at least a few errands, so I have to keep the heat in mind when getting dressed in the morning. I feel like this outfit was subconsciously inspired by this one, which has been all over pinterest.This striped skirt is a newer purchase, and I just love it. I wanted to pair it with my navy blazer, but it's way too hot for that. Well I'm off to battle the heat for the last's almost the weekend!


Viktoria with a K said...

I love this skirt!! So classic! So J. Crew!!

Beth said...

I know you don't like me commenting all the time...but my goodness girl...this skirt looks adorable...I absolutely love happy to hear you are doing well in NY...I love you babe. Have a blast!!

Camls said...

I was in NYC last week and know it will be a great challenge for you to dress for the heat and humidity. I am moving from San Diego to the South (Charlotte NC) and am looking forward to how you do manage. Please give us some great tips and have a great summer!