Monday, September 17, 2012

9-5 Style

Okay I really don't work 9-5, but 8:30-6:30 style just doesn't have the same ring to it. One of my favorite things about having a big kid job (besides getting a big kid paycheck) is being able to dress up every day for work. There really isn't a dress code at my company, so it is completely acceptable to show up in jeans and a tee or a dress and heels. It's nice waking up everyday and being able to wear pretty much anything that suits my mood. Since I currently am living alone and don't have a photographer, I've been sticking to instagram for outfit photos (follow me @khaverland528). I thought it would be fun to put together a little recap of what I've been wearing over the last 3 months since I started my job:

september 2012 july 2012 072 july 2012 001 july 2012 002 july 2012 026 july 2012 027 july 2012 047 july 2012 048 july 2012 049 september 2012 032 september 2012 033 september 2012 034 september 2012 035 september 2012 036 september 2012 037 july 2012 050 september 2012 038 september 2012 039 september 2012 047 september 2012 040 september 2012 041 september 2012 042 september 2012 043 september 2012 001 september 2012 044 september 2012 045 september 2012 046 september 2012 003 september 2012 004 september 2012 005 september 2012 012 september 2012 013
I think my 3 favorites are:
1. My green floral dress with my Gap navy blazer
2. My chambray with my red jeans and Madewell scarf (OBSESSED with that scarf!)
3. My hot pink H&M top and blazer with J.Crew clear bauble necklace

Do you have a favorite?


Viktoria said...

I love that green polka dot top! Where's it from? How is working life?? :)

Anne said...

This really makes me wish I had an office to go to instead of my home one... I love all your work outfits! I agree the floral dress with blazer is great, and I love the wide striped top/red pants/blazer too.

Rin said...

I love your outfits (and your hair!!)I went through your Flickr pictures and I love the ones you did with one big photo and three small ones of parts of your outfit on the side. I wish you'd feature them on the blog. But, girl, you gotta get out of your bathroom for pics!!

Tatiana and the Deathly Fashion said...

I love your consistency of backgrounds and pose! It makes a great personality! :) Very cute! Love the last one with that scarf!

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jaime olsen said...

lovely photos!! beautiful outfits!

clarice said...

lovely pics!